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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Career Goal Announcement

Besides wanting to become a successful novelist and playwright, I mean. Just wanted to briefly let you all know that I have decided (at least for the moment--who knows how quickly I might become discouraged?) to go back to school in order to become a nurse practitioner. More money, more autonomy, and the power to prescribe medication--what's not to like? I can't apply to the actual nurse practitioner program until next year, but I am going to be taking a prerequisite or two at Austin Community College this year.

Friday, July 16, 2010

P is for Pseudoboyfriend...

...and other things that are personal, but I assure you not intentionally for anyone's private parts or any alliterative euphemisms thereof. Not to disparage those in any way--but I digress.

I call him a pseudoboyfriend, because it's not really a full-fledged relationship even though I certainly consider him my friend. And yes, I have enjoyed carnal knowledge of him. Really enjoyed it, on several occasions. But it is especially not a full-fledged relationship lately, because his nonagenarian father came to live with him in November. Even before this happened, things were not normal. So not normal that I lost patience and went off and tried to have another relationship. Assuming anyone is reading this, I know what you're thinking. No, he is not married. He was married and divorced long before I met him, and had another live-in relationship, also long before I met him. I've been to his house, and there is no feminine influence, no womens' clothing anywhere on the premises. In fact, aside from the first meeting in a public place, I've only ever been to his house--oh, and then most recently at the writer's conference hotel, but that's another story. Anyway, I came to know him when he was going through a phase--a not-wanting-to-go-out-in-public-places-much phase. He likes to shop--no, trust me, he is not gay--but he always wears his mp3 player when he shops so that people don't approach him and try to talk to him. And having his father around has really cramped his style. In his earlier life, however, he was a world traveler, and went to operas in a tuxedo. He is still witty and urbane, if reclusive. He makes me laugh. For instance, when I told him I was starting a blog, I asked him if I could call him Mr. __(first letter of his last name--which, coincidentally, is NOT P...) in it, he said: "I prefer just P, like a Bond villain." I don't know why I found that so hilarious. For now, though, I think I'll close. I'll talk more about P another time.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I am on the verge of writing about the gentleman I am somewhat involved with, and I feel the need to explain a few things first. It is possible that an old boyfriend could see this blog--frankly, I hope not--and get his feelings hurt. I did have a boyfriend who was kind to me, wanted to be a big part of my life, and told me constantly how wonderful I was. And it was nice, for a change. If he does see this, and the subsequent post about the other gentleman, he will wonder what the hell is wrong with me. He will conclude I exemplify every negative stereotype about women--i.e., we don't want the GOOD guys, the NICE ones. Maybe he's right. Maybe I'm an idiot. My only defense, if there is one, is that the heart wants what it wants.

A secondary defense, I guess, is that I've never been good at blending my life with another human being's. My kids still need me, and probably will for at least a few more years. I don't really feel comfortable inflicting other people on them. My old boyfriend wanted to share everything, including the members of our respective families. I wasn't ready. I don't know if I'll ever be ready, with anyone. It didn't work out in my marriage--was probably even a contributing factor in that marriage's failure. My ex-husband didn't particularly suck, either. Or, as Lisa (my daughter) would say--"at least not for free."

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I am already having to apologize for being a lazy blogger. I am experiencing one of those dark Sundays of the soul. Sometimes I have difficult Sundays, knowing Monday is coming and I have to go back to work. I'm grateful for my job. But what started out as the cushiest nursing job I'd ever experienced has turned into a situation where I feel like I am always rushed and that the powers that be are trying to get as much work out of me as humanly possible. Of course, Lisa would ask right now if I wanted to order a cake for my pity party. Yes, chocolate with ice cream.

I also have writing deadlines that I don't feel like meeting. Just feeling generally recalcitrant. Which, Lisa assures me, sounds like "something they give to people with bad bones." Lazy bones, maybe. Am also gearing up for some decisions, and to write something fairly personal in the next blog or two.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day, Plugs, and Chart Funny #2

Happy Fourth of July. There is nothing more perfect than a three-day weekend, unless it is an entire week off, an old-school summer vacation, or the complete liberty to do only as one wishes for the rest of one's natural life.

I didn't mention previously that I also write, and have been paid for, articles for Demand Studios.com. Mostly because I am not sure how to link to my stuff. I just finished one about whether or not h pylori infections can be transmitted in the womb. I am perhaps most pleased because I got to post a cute picture of a gerbil with it, since I cited a study done with pregnant gerbils. For the most part, though, I find the Demand Studios stuff difficult, because you have to select specific topics, and the list of things I know absolutely nothing about is embarrassingly large. Of course, I had to laugh when I saw a topic titled, "How to Remove Urine from a Laptop Computer." The article I would have written would not have met the length requirements--i.e., "Try not to be such a butthead that people want to pee on your computer!"

For the moment, I'm done with self-promotion, so I will turn to some plugs for others I have been meaning to make. One of the blogs I follow is http://livesofthespiders.blogspot.com. This is the work of my dear friend Robert McDonald, whom I have known since high school. He is an amazing poet, and his blog is a lot prettier than mine. He lives in Chicago.

I also want to say thank you to my first "follower" (I hate that word--makes me feel like I'm trying to start a cult), Margaret Bumby. She is a friend from U of M days--the most amazing mixture of determination and kindness you'd ever want to meet. She goes to a lot of science fiction conventions, and chronicles her adventures at http://mbumby.livejournal.com. I am so blessed in my friends.

Chart funny #2: "Breast augmentation in 1997. Breast reduction in 2000." Make up your mind!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

quick update and first chart funny.

I just posted another chemo article to Suite 101. This one's for you, Daddy. http://chemotherapy.suite101.com/article.cfm/common-chemotherapy-drugs-paclitaxel.

I promised chart funnies, so here's one: "He takes one tablet with meals, then he takes an extra one with a small male at night."

This is why I had to become a nurse in the first place; no one will pay for decent editing.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Update, link, and day jobs

Thought I'd better make another post. I feel like a business while remodeling--please excuse the mess while I gradually get the hang of the blogging program. I thought I should add another link. I have more writing out there, for a site called Suite 101. I've done book reviews and the odd medical article or two, and am starting a series on different types of chemotherapy. You can access these (as well as an unflattering photo) through my Suite 101 profile page: http://www.suite101.com/profile.cfm/elizabeththomas.

Speaking of medical articles, I will be talking about my day job from time to time. I will not talk specifically about my employer, because they are very touchy about their image, and I don't want to get in any trouble with them. For the most part, they are a great healthcare company to work for, and to seek treatment with. I am a registered nurse, and have been since 2005. I have started bits and pieces of a memoir about being an English major and deciding to become a nurse, but if and when I publish it, it will be under a pseudonym. One thing that will find its way to this site, however, are chart bloopers. My co-workers and I laugh ourselves silly over the way doctors' dictations wind up sounding in patients' charts. Of COURSE, I will keep everything completely devoid of identifiable personal details.

Be nice to me, I gave blood today.