(without her glasses)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Excuses, Excuses

Just wanted to quickly assure you that I am not giving up on blogging. I am going to have to concentrate for a while on my articles for Suite 101 so that I do not get kicked off. I have a quota to meet--8 more articles before September 28th or so. Plus, September 20, I start my class--one of my prerequisites for the nurse practitioner program. So bear with me!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Two days ago, I turned 47. I had a great birthday. My co-workers prepared a "graze" for the day, because Tuesdays are often busy, and they didn't know how much time we'd have for lunch. It was a kind of breakfasty graze, with marvelous homemade cinnamon rolls that had chocolate chips in addition to cinnamon and walnuts; there was also plenty of cheese danish for everyone, tiramisu wafer cookies, and wonderful French roast coffee with a choice of caramel macchiato creamer or half and half. Plus, I got lots of gifts--cards for Starbuck's and Amazon, a lovely Celtic candleholder, lotion, and shower gel.

Driving home, I got phone calls from Jeanne, Tammy, and my parents. Throughout the day, I got lots of greetings on Facebook, and even a text (and later another gift card) from my ex-husband. Forgot, too, that I started the morning with an e-mail from Diane. Went to dinner with my kids (and is it too tacky/weird/optimistic to call Nathan my kid-in-law?) and had shrimp and lobster. Came home to the cake Lisa made me--chocolate with chocolate frosting, and candy-store peanut butter cups busted up and sprinkled over the top. Made a wish, but pathetically missed one of the two numbered candles. (Shall have to go back to praying, P! It's certainly not as though I'm giving up...besides, with any luck, I'll have more birthdays, and further shots at the candles...) Lisa got me a CD and a gift certificate to Torrid; Joe got me a lovely cameo bracelet and some black rose earrings. Got an E-card from P with lovely carnations on it. (He gave gifts on Sunday, and actually some before that.) Of course, Mom and Dad sent a check--I can't help being happy I'm not too old for checks from Mom and Dad. The check helped pay for part of my gift to myself. I got myself a brand new desktop computer--the first I'd ever gotten without Mark's help. (Nothing against Mark--he has always been generous about keeping me in computers and tech support. But it is really great to have something brand new!)

Thanks to everyone who helped me have such a wonderful birthday. I feel like the most fortunate person I know.