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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Familial Support

Now that Arden's Act has been out for a few months, I should be trying to figure out ways to have it linked to something ragingly popular on the internet, like 50 Shades of Gray or Outlander.  The latter is somewhat plausible, in that I at least read and admire Diana Gabaldon, and love the miniseries--but I digress.

Instead I've decided to share one of the most harrowing parts of getting published--having one's family members actually read what one has written.  I can let a million strangers read my words without batting an eyelash. But my relatives? People whose thoughts and feelings about me I actually care about? Almost as scary as the thought of a world without restaurants.  And when your book has, quite frankly, a lot of sex scenes in it?  Oh my.

Fortunately, I have pretty great relatives, and amazing parents.  Not only that, but most of them are really a hoot.  My mother, and her sister, my Aunt Clara, have now read the book.  Apparently, they both loved it, and they are both just so proud of me!  My mother was gracious enough to share with me the following bits of their conversation:

Aunt Clara:  "I had no idea Elizabeth knew about [insert name of kinky sex act here]."
Mom:  "Elizabeth is French.  She is always horny."

It is a great comfort to me to have a family who really gets me.

Apparently, my father has decided to read Arden's Act, too.  He is the one who so graciously donated those French genes.

Mom: "You can just skip over the filth if you want to."
Dad:  "But that might be the best part!"

Seriously, though, my family has been great about my e-book.  I am so blessed to have them all.