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Friday, November 9, 2012

Living the Dream

Wow.  Haven't been here in far too long.  And a lot has been happening.  Not only has Keith Publications released my e-short story, they are also going to publish my historical romance, Arden's Act.  Here is a link to the short, More Than the Quest.  And here is the cover--even e-books have covers!  Anyone who blogs and who would like a PDF review copy, please comment on this blog or contact me via Facebook...

Keith is also interested in the novel from which the short story comes, The White Squirrel, which I am working on for NanoWriMo.  I will never make the 50,000 words in a month, since I am also moving this month, but I'm getting more done than I would otherwise.

In my association with Keith Publications, I have also made the cyberaquaintance of other writers, including Nikki Prince, whose novel (novela?) Demon Mine I have reviewed for Amazon and Goodreads.  We need a photo of Nikki's cover, too--it's pretty:
Demon Mine (Karmic Lust)
If you like erotica, check it out--Ms. Prince knows her stuff.  I have to admit, however, that I found it interesting in part because of its take on Apocrypha characters, Lilith and Samael.

I also don't think I've mentioned that I joined a writers' group this year, a group that has many talented members.  One of the most talented is Barbara Ann Wright, whose first novel The Pyramid Waltz was just published by Bold Strokes Books.  I've reviewed it for Amazon and Goodreads as well.  It's a great, imaginative fantasy, with strong female characters.  Barbara writes with wit and intelligence.  Here's her cover; it's an actual print book and not available for Kindle or Nook--yet.
The Pyramid Waltz

One of the really cool things about knowing Barbara is that she was gracious enough to invite the members of her various writers' groups to a masquerade ball to celebrate the release of her novel.  So early last month I got to hobnob with other writers, dressed like I'd never been dressed in my life:

Here's a picture of the proud authoress herself, holding her first-born:
After the party, I adjourned to my dear P's British Museum, where I had him take a photo or two for use on web sites, blogs, etc.  I love that he chose the fleur de lis as a backdrop--he knows me so well.
After the photo shoot, let's just say I had an experience every woman writer who claims historical romance as part of her repertoire should have...

One last photo I want to post before I adjourn--the proposed cover for Arden's Act.  I shall try not to stay away from here so long in the future!

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