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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

For Once, Will Power--Plus an Update

I feel decently satisfied by my accomplishments this evening. I took my second test in Texas Government, and aced it; then came home and finished another chemo article for Suite 101. Then I took out the garbage--two bags full, to paraphrase "Baa Baa Black Sheep." And now I am even making a blog entry.

Recently I applied for a different position within the same health care company where I work now. If I get it--and if the pay is enough--I will be a research nurse. I believe in research; I believe there would be more growth opportunity in the new position, plus more experience with which to ensure I never have to work nights on a hospital floor ever again. Plus, I would get to use my writing skills as a research nurse. I would still (probably--unless I really can't endure chemistry next semester....) apply to the nurse practitioner program. But who knows if I'll succeed? In the meantime, this might well be a good move.

I am somewhat embarrassed to admit, however, that some of the things about the new position that really excite me are as follows: I would be salaried instead of hourly. I would get sent to conferences in cool cities at company expense. I would get to wear real clothes to work instead of scrubs. Not that working in your pajamas doesn't have its good side....

I would have said uncategorically that the interview went well. They looked at the education I already had and the education I am working towards, plus all my writing, and called me "driven." But then I left my purse in the interview room and had to come back for it. I told them: "I will remember the lab values of every patient you ever give me, but I will occasionally leave my purse in odd places." I hope that worked. P assures me that the purse thing won't matter. They told me I should find out this Friday--i.e., within two days. Reita tells me our company does not usually move that fast, and advised me not to be surprised if it takes longer than that. I hate suspense.

In other news, my historical romance got rejected by one small publisher, but I have already submitted it to another small publisher. This one allows you to submit the whole manuscript, but promises a much longer response time--12 to 16 weeks. More suspense. I am hoping, however, for a positive Valentine's surprise.

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